An Incredible Evening

Last evening, I went for a walk to watch the sunset. It was 6:45 when I left home.
I planned to return in 30 mins or so.

The sky was already being colored. An airplane was flying across the dark pink sky.

I guess the color in the pictures I took were influenced by the direction and zooming. The other side of the sky was colored orange, with gray clouds with fine structure.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

Then I found a gorgeous place. There the sky showed three colors!

Soon the sky went dark and behind the sunset the moon was rising. Though the sky was a bit misty, it wore some iridescence – a rainbow around the moon.

There was also a brighter side far beyond along the road.

At that time the tricolor sky got darker, do I went home.

It was just I had intended, to return home in 30 mins, but I took most of the time looking up the skies and taking photos and my walk might have been less than 15 mins.


4 thoughts on “An Incredible Evening

  1. Nice skies! I’m the same way when I take the camera on walks. But it can be a pretty decent cardio session for me too, depending upon what I’m shooting. It’s amazing how the dusk sky changes colors so quickly. I love how you captured so many of the stages.

  2. beautiful photos of the sky my friend. The sky is never the same from one moment to the next. And even when full of rain is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your walk :)
    ( I am still not getting your updates I will have to unsubscribe and suscribe again I think. But on my phone today so will check back later ))

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