On the Hill

There is a song I have recently learned in the church. I like the japanese lyric to it.

The song begins with : Look at the birds in the sky.
And is repeated with : Look at the flowers along the road.
And in the last turn : Look at the cross on the hill.

Besides the song quotes Jesus’ words and his life, it also refers to lives of ourself, I suppose.

The birds : our ideal, dream
The flowers : things we love
The cross : our pain
Look at everything in our lives – that must be what the song tells us.

So it’s my drawing time.

I gave in the blue sky some clouds. As I liked to set the time to the late afternoon, I painted the cloud a bit yellowish, so that they reflect the light from the sun already descending. I also brought gray rainy ones, which would help the brighter cloud shine better.

I put only a single bird in the sky – another one could appear after it flew away.
I did not give a feature on the bird. It’s just a tiny shadow, but flying above. It’s not clear what it may be, but definitely something ideal.

For the flowers on the road I selected the ones called “asiatic dayflowers.” It was because a friend of mine, who is a farmer, recently wrote to me:
“I found a bunch of asiatic flowers in my field, mixed with other weeds. After hesitating whether I remove it or not, I did: May Buddha take it to his paradise.”

And I did not draw the cross on the hill. I thought I didn’t need it, because everyone could figure our his own cross there.


2 thoughts on “On the Hill

    • Thank you!…I love the “brush effect” of the painting soft, which makes my drawing with the mouse in the display as one with the brush on the sketchbook.

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