A Girl in the Summer

Yesterday was the 67th anniversary that the first A-bomb of the world blasted the city of Hiroshima.

I wish the people in the US don’t be nervous about that we always talk about this in August. Few of us japanese want to accuse only your country, but also all causes that had the world brought into the war. Especially we want to call the alarm to ourselves, not to support our government to start the war again.

I imagined a japanese girl in the summer at that time, based on various stories and photos reported.

In August 67 years ago, as the war was close the catastrophic end, women were obliged to dress themselves as plain as possible.
Girls bundled her hair tight, wore white shirts and dark-colored trousers, which were to have enough margins to hide their body lines. on the bear feet they had traditional japanese sandals.
They didn’t go to school anymore, but collected to factories to manufacture weapons.
They were taught to devote to the war that their fatherland was carrying on. They were taught to hate the enemy and feel happy to aid their fathers, brothers, boyfriends to slay people overseas and intrude to other countries.

I don’t know they really believed what they were taught. Even if they thought it wrong, however, they could not tell it, or not only they but also their families would have been denounced as deceivers. In a certain situation of society, censorship and persecution turn fiercer by neighbors than by the government, which was the case in Japan at that time.

I guess most of the girls just wished the male members of their family good luck, and tried to work hard in anything, not knowing what destiny had been waiting for them.
Now that we have leaned that, we have to stop the wheel to turn in the wrong angle.


2 thoughts on “A Girl in the Summer

  1. There’s a lot of truth in this post, not just about your country, but the state of war in any country. The people in America are taught to hate the enemy too. The ones who don’t are often deemed as “unpatriotic.” To recognize the time during which the first A bomb was dropped is a good thing, IMO. I would be really concerned if something like that went ignored.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate your comment. In everyday life we could have a fun, feel happy and content within our own circles, which would make us more kind and gentle, I believe. In addition, we could sometimes stop and think about sad history and the present misery of the world, which would save us from being arrogant and selfish…By the way I’m really glad and thankful to the grand sun of the 33rd president Harry Truman having visited to Hiroshima and and to the US ambassador going to Nagasaki. I think it a great decision. Wish you, your family, friends and puppies a happy day!

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