Gentle Eyes

I go for a walk around the sunset. After I take a lot of pictures of the colored sky, the setting sun and the rising moon, I start back home. The sun is already gone, leaving the dark sky.

There are few people on the street at that time, although it is crowded with houses and apartment buildings along the load. Children might be at the table for the supper, while it might be still earlier than workers to get home.

The street is moderately illuminated by the arrayed lamp posts.
Each lamp posts has a shape that the letter “r” and its symmetry to the vertical axis are combined at their axis…or like the letter γ…or like the letter Y a bit melt by the heat…or the zodiac symbol of Aries…or a sprout.It’s difficult to describe the shape of a thing only by words, no matter what the language may be.

Anyway a lamp is set on each branch of the post. The lamps are possibly mercury-vapor lamps, casting pale purple light.

Among those posts I have a favorite one, which I find really like a face, with two eyes of lamps. They seem to me very gentle eyes, watching over my steps in the night.

I call it “Uncle Lamp Post.” I’m going to see him today too.


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