Living Things

It was early in the morning of 15 July, about a month ago, that I met with a young sunflower.

The stem was so thin that it was sustained by a pole.
This place didn’t seem to get enough sunshine, because trees were arrayed behind it.
I wondered why people planted it at such an inconvenient place, but named it “Skinny,” wishing it soon to grow up.

Then I had not noticed at it until this morning, because each time I jogged through the street I had been more attracted by beautiful morning sky or birds flying there.
But today my eyes were caught by a green object, despite that the time was earlier and it was darker.

It was grown up so big, together with its friend, and already had a bud at the top.

How a tough power living things have!

I devote this post to my friend Jennifer, who is now giving all her power to bring up two tiny lives. I believe the time, for a month or so, would help the tiny two grow up enough to stand up by their own, like these plants. So keep on your precious work, ganbatte-kudasai.


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