Today’s drawing of mine is based on one of my favorite episode in the Gospels.

An immigrant woman begged Jesus to heal her daughter sick in bed. Yet Jesus refused it, because he wanted to heal the native people at first. So he said, “It isn’t good to take bread from the children and cast it to a puppy.”

Then the woman answered, “But a puppy could catch breadcrumbs falling down from the children’s table.”

Jesus praised her answer and healed her daughter.

I like Jesus and his Father God because they are gentle to women, and they listen to the people carefully, through which they even change their mind.

I drew in my picture the cured daughter as she don’t yet understand what happened to her, because she was alone in the bedroom, when Jesus healed her.
She holds a puppy in her arm. It isn’t written in the Bible she had one, but I suppose so, or her mother could not answer to him with so precise description of the puppy’s behavior.

It is just 2 months since I have come to believe in God. I should keep it in my mind that I am another puppy.


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