The Prophet

In the Bible there are books written by many prophets. Among whom I like especially Isaiah, who made beautiful remarks. Though he told God’s punishment and people’s distinction, he also sang joy for Messiah and salvation of People.

I liked to draw a picture of Isaiah, but I had no idea how he looked.
Generally prophets are said to have wild appearances, half naked with uncombed hair, walking around the wilderness. I have already drawn John the Baptist, whom I poured all my idea for a prophet. I wanted to draw Isaiah in a different way.

Today an evening I got a good hint. I went to take photos of the sky in the sunset as usual. I took some photos of a big cloud colored in the twilight.

Later I checked my photo and found it looked like a human face, with wooly hair and tightened lips.

Inspired by the figure I drew another prophet.

Indeed I have no evidence that it is Isaiah and not Elijah or other. Anyway, the cloud made me a great suggestion: look around myself carefully, so I could find many ideas on how to draw people, whose real appearance I don’t know.


2 thoughts on “The Prophet

  1. It makes sense to me that your drawing was inspired by such a lovely sunset. :) I like the colors you chose for your background, though. They really make him stand out, especially the dabs of airbrushed skin.

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