Cicada Song

In the summer appears many cicadas.
They stay on the tree and sing loud. It’s surprising that cicadas really sing, making the sound resonant within their body. Their way of making sound is thus different from crickets, who do that by rubbing their wings.

It seems like, cicadas are not skilled in flying. They often hit themselves to the wall or such obstacles and fall down. I feel sorry for them, thinking of many structure of our civilization standing in their ways.

I often find them lying down on their back, as one below. It is not dead.

It might be fainted or just waiting for a chance to turn over, reserving its energy.

When I find one in this way, I put a finger close to its legs. So it holds my finger. Then I raise it up.

Then I swing my finger, so it flies away. In this way I make them fly again twice or three times a day.

One day I found a cicada lying down on my balcony, close to the flowerpots. I picked it up and place it on a little bush.

It slowly walked to the top of the bush (the photo was taken throuth a mesh window cell to avoid mosquitoes)

And it flew away.

This morning I heard a sound like something scraches on the concrete floor outside. I could catch the sound, because I had left my door a little open for ventilation. When I went there to confirm the sound, there was a visitor.

I thought it came to greet me. It would be sweet, if it were one of them I had rescued. I did not go so far to invite it in my room, I give him a greeting back. A few minutes later it was gone somewhere.

Wish cikadas enjoy their short life as much as they could.


2 thoughts on “Cicada Song

    • Oh, yes, cicadas are a symbol of summer. This species wait under the ground for many years and can live in the world under the light only for a season, so we have a special sympathy to them. Today I picked three more cicadas from the pavement and let them fly.

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