A Big Business

I have been busy in learning how to make a DVD, which runs in DVD player, rather than a computer. It was for me a bit difficult, because I myself don’t have one.

Using a computer it is much easier to handle movies in DVD. You can handle each movie file, like “mymovie.mov” or “mymovie.mp4”, by picking its icon on the display by the mouse, to read from or write onto the DVD media, just as on a hard disk.

But for a DVD player, which in most cases is connected to a television monitor, the media must be played automatically as the media is inserted to it. To make a DVD available to as many types of the player as possible, movie data should be saved on it in the standard format called DVD-Video.

Which software can produce such type of DVD? How much data can it contain? What about the quality of the movie?…I spent a lot of time to learn about it.

Let me tell you about the reason. The church, to which I go every Sunday morning and Wednesday night recently, will meet its 20th anniversary in May next year. The people in the church have a plan to make a memorial movie, which is to be saved in DVDs.

They think such DVD should be available for DVD players, for not all people would use computers to play movies (it’s remarkable they think most people have DVD players at home, but it would be true.)

And I have started to help them.

It was an incredible story. Last month I told them I could publish my book, which I could not have done without the help of God and the church. It was natural they asked what kind of book I wrote, and as I explained it they cried, “Oh, so you could help us process our DVD!”

I am very happy I could find the best way to devote for the church – for God.
Indeed, God is my customer and His blessing would be the return. What a big joyful business!

Much more it was a happy surprise, that they told me, that it was God’s arrangement that He brought me to them, who had longed for someone with a knowledge on computers.

It was I that had thought it His arrangement to have located the people to accept me there…

Although we have yet plenty of time until the next May, I cannot be too punctual.

On Saturday I went to the store of electric devices and found most of recent TVs sold had the aspect ratio 16:9 instead of 4:3, which meant I might well prepare the movie in that form. As they liked to make a slide show from the pictures they had taken, I made a calculation to know how many pictures could be contained in a disk. I would have to consider the quality of the movies and the slide shows, because the DVD-Video format restrict the resolution of the contents so much. It’s also a good opportunity for me to get much knowledge for digital media.


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