A Blessed Translation

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”

This saying of Jesus has been translated “wrongly” into Japanese, so far as some people say.

The word “poor in spirit” is usually taken in Japanese as lacking emotions, love, kindness, thankfulness etc. “People in poor spirit” is said as the same meaning as “Egoistic people, who are always complaining.” We are always taught in life, “Blessed are the rich in spirit, even if they are poor in belongings.” So we shouldn’t replace the words simply with japanese ones – that might be their opinion.

Yet I don’t think it wrong.
First of all, it should be Jesus, or God at the same time, Himself, who could tell which is correct or wrong.

If that words had been judged as wrong, they(the translated words) must have been punished by Him – with a severest punishment that they would not have been accepted by Japanese people.
And how was it? “こころの貧しい人は、幸いである,” this saying has been known so much among Japanese, few of which are Christians. I myself have known it since I was a child, and thought “It must have been some other meaning, which might be more acceptable, because Jesus must not tell anything wrong.”

I might not be wrong if I said most Japanese believe in Jesus, with a comprehension that “He told many good things but abused by people who did not understand him.” Doesn’t it mean that the translated Bible was so blessed that it has been widely accepted in Japan?

Moreover, I have recently found that translation is “correct.”
Because those who know they are poor in spirit must be blessed.
“Oh, I hate myself with such poor heart and spirit! Why can’t I be tolerant? Please save me from my ugly egoism!” – those who pray like this must be blessed. こころの貧しい人は、幸いなんですよ、マジで。


Long Hair

I saw you throwing the white flower to the coffin in which the one you loved the most was in the eternal sleep. I could nothing more than watching you from behind. You were so brave, you did not cry out or burst into tears, but behaved yourself very well until the funeral ended.

You had always told me, you’d like to leave your hair untied when you were at an important ceremony. Indeed you were at a very important one and your long hair was so beautiful, too beautiful for me to stop my tears.

O Lord, I never know why You had arranged such a state. Only I can do now is pray to You to love her, guard her all the way. Lord, I beg You to be her mighty Daddy, instead of the one You have summoned.

Lady Gaga

I found a news on the web that recently Lady Gaga has put on weight.
The article reported that as if she had lost her beauty. But on her photo given there I found nothing lost from her.

Though her music is not so attractive to me, I heave been so long much attracted by her humanity. She has been giving hope and energy to young generation. I don’t ever forget that she was one of the first artists that supported Japan immediately after the earthquake damage. She had stages in Japan and announced she had come to prove Japan would be safe to visit.

As I was satisfied with her recent photo, I did not read the article any more.

I like to draw pictures only from my memory. This is my image remained in my brain after I had looked her recent photo:

She may make her appearance and performance as she like as an artist. Then some might leave her and others newly follow. As she has such talent and humanity, the latter would be more than the former.

Good Morning Dad

Today I went jogging as usual.
It had been fine these days, with the bright sunset and the vivid red sky. This morning, however, the sky was cloudy and the wind was cool and wetty.
As it had been forecasted since yesterday, I was not so disappointed. At least it had no rain, so I went on jogging.

On the way , at some point, I felt God in sorrow.
I told him within my heart: “Oh, are You sad my Lord? Is it because I said yesterday I was scared of You?”
I told him while jogging, “I’m sorry! I don’t forget how you have saved me a lot. I just meant, I missed my friend so much. How could I make a reason as if you had taken his life under your plan? Wouldn’t you accept my shock and confusion?”

Then I came to the turning point to get home, where I saw some pale pink cloud in the gray sky.
I felt He became happy again.

I will not stop wondering why my friends’ life was taken away. But I feel again God is even more Dad than Master, and I cannot think as if God would handle our individual life easily. And I’m sure features of the sky, especially in the morning, should be the communication protocol between Him and me.

For Him

Yesterday I got the news of a friend of mind’s death. It had been really unexpected, his wife, with whom I have a good friendship,too, said. Her mail was quite proper and modest, hiding her sorrow, that struck me more. Today I will visit her and her children.

This title, For Him, is not for the deceased friend. I meant it as, “to God.”
In this incident, I felt it in a full reality, that He takes away lives from us, as well as gives them, and got really afraid of that.

I might use the word “really…” often, because this feeling was really vivid, sharp and severe.

He had once taken many things from me, which was half an year ago, but then gave me more I had had.
He supported me in everything to build up my life again. For example, it was really a miracle, that I could rent this room. He had brought me to a kind and earnest real estate agent. Most of all, even now, he often brings a sweet, warm and happy feeling in my heart.

Thus I am convinced that He lives and makes many things to us. And I felt with my bear heart the friend of mine was taken by Him.
Since I knew him, I had thought about the relationship only between Him and me. This time I have been shown that between Him and the other, an innocent man, having loved his life, work and his family. How can I make a comment on it?

Now two things are sure to me. God is not only a sweet Dad, but also a severe Master. And I will yield myself to him, with both love and fear to Him.

I will not, however, tell my idea to the survivors, when I visit them this evening. I will just share the sorrow of losing him – for me a great friend and for them the great father – with them, in quite a Japanese way. God may forgive me for that.

Friends Again

In July I wrote about a broken friendship with my old friend, all by my fault. He announced to stop communicating with me, and I accepted it. Since then I had been praying to God so that he would soften his heart, give him a peace of mind (because I know he himself his some personal problem).

Then behold, recently he sent me a mail telling that he would like to build a friendship with me again! “The Lord lives”. I love this saying very much.

He also wrote me, that recently he had an unexpected happy experience – he met one of his old friends and fell in love with her. In this age of ours we would often meet our old friends again, looking at them in a better way than that in our youth.

I’m so happy. God has heard my prayer and made my wish come true. He has given me back a friendship, and to my friend’s heart a rejoice!

I would not tell him that his present happiness is, as I believe, God’s gift, because he is not religious, and my words are yet so poor, that I might let him misunderstand them. Instead, I personally thank and praise God, and pray for more and more happiness of him.