Jacob’s Sunset

Recently I met a beautiful atmospheric phenomena in the sunset.

Later I found this effect of the sunlight is also called “Jacob’s ladder,” as is written in the Bible, the ladder to Heaven that Jacob saw in his dream.

So I sent a mail about this to my preacher.
He sent a reply: “The episode of Jacob’s Ladder is written in a beautiful scene, which I like very much. Jacob was traveling alone in the desert, where he saw the sunset. At the night he slept there and saw the dream of the ladder.”

I wondered. Were there such description in the Bible?

I read the episode. There is was only written that Jacob went to some place, the sun went down, and he slept there.

From such simple description my preacher had figured out so beautiful a world, which moved me so much. He really loves God and finds rejoices in reading Bible. Yes, he is a true servant to God.

His remark made me draw a picture that Jacob saw the sunset in the desert, across which he was walking alone.

In this picture I have put two ideas of mine.

1. Concave boundary between the sky and the earth: I made it not horizontal, For I thought it would show a better infinity of this boundary.

2. Most area of the land left white : The inclined light from the setting Sun would shine rather the earth stronger than the sky…and I had estimated myself that I have not so much talent to paint over the desert in detail.

By the way I have drawn the picture using a pen tablet and the software “Paint” under Windows, for when I drew it it was high noon and it was too hot to use Macbook. I wish Paint were a bit more convenient, but I might not complain about a free software.


4 thoughts on “Jacob’s Sunset

    • I’m glad we could share the feeling! A long shadow shows the long daytime that he had spent until the sunset. It must have been a long day, in the long trip.

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