Friends Again

In July I wrote about a broken friendship with my old friend, all by my fault. He announced to stop communicating with me, and I accepted it. Since then I had been praying to God so that he would soften his heart, give him a peace of mind (because I know he himself his some personal problem).

Then behold, recently he sent me a mail telling that he would like to build a friendship with me again! “The Lord lives”. I love this saying very much.

He also wrote me, that recently he had an unexpected happy experience – he met one of his old friends and fell in love with her. In this age of ours we would often meet our old friends again, looking at them in a better way than that in our youth.

I’m so happy. God has heard my prayer and made my wish come true. He has given me back a friendship, and to my friend’s heart a rejoice!

I would not tell him that his present happiness is, as I believe, God’s gift, because he is not religious, and my words are yet so poor, that I might let him misunderstand them. Instead, I personally thank and praise God, and pray for more and more happiness of him.


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