A Blessed Translation

“Blessed are the poor in spirit”

This saying of Jesus has been translated “wrongly” into Japanese, so far as some people say.

The word “poor in spirit” is usually taken in Japanese as lacking emotions, love, kindness, thankfulness etc. “People in poor spirit” is said as the same meaning as “Egoistic people, who are always complaining.” We are always taught in life, “Blessed are the rich in spirit, even if they are poor in belongings.” So we shouldn’t replace the words simply with japanese ones – that might be their opinion.

Yet I don’t think it wrong.
First of all, it should be Jesus, or God at the same time, Himself, who could tell which is correct or wrong.

If that words had been judged as wrong, they(the translated words) must have been punished by Him – with a severest punishment that they would not have been accepted by Japanese people.
And how was it? “こころの貧しい人は、幸いである,” this saying has been known so much among Japanese, few of which are Christians. I myself have known it since I was a child, and thought “It must have been some other meaning, which might be more acceptable, because Jesus must not tell anything wrong.”

I might not be wrong if I said most Japanese believe in Jesus, with a comprehension that “He told many good things but abused by people who did not understand him.” Doesn’t it mean that the translated Bible was so blessed that it has been widely accepted in Japan?

Moreover, I have recently found that translation is “correct.”
Because those who know they are poor in spirit must be blessed.
“Oh, I hate myself with such poor heart and spirit! Why can’t I be tolerant? Please save me from my ugly egoism!” – those who pray like this must be blessed. こころの貧しい人は、幸いなんですよ、マジで。


2 thoughts on “A Blessed Translation

  1. Never ‘Hate’ yourself .. We are all Being the Best we can be.. and prayers from one who thinks themselves far superior as in being more spiritual is no Greater than those of us who pray with Good Intent in our hearts.. its the Power of Intent..its the love from our Heart that means the most.. Not the words of those who think themselves ‘Saintly’
    Another Quote.. is ‘Blessed are the pure in heart’ …
    Meaning those who live from the heart! in sincerity…


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