Isaiah Project(2)

The Angel was to be covered mostly with his wings. But all the way I drew all his body, and then deleted, leaving only his exposed parts.

Or I could not have drawn hime other than a turtle, thrusting the limbs from the wings.

I set the background color in dark red, because my image of the scene is always volcanic. Namely, in the Bible it is written that Isaiah went to the mountain,  (<- It was my mistake, Isaiah saw the holy existence in the Temple of God. I should have confirmed it in the Bible. ) which I always imagine as a volcano. Maybe the word "red hot" invokes such an idea.

Thank God for giving me the power to finish my humble picture.


Isaiah Project(1)

I was overviewing the pictures which I had taken a few days before. They were of cloud in the sunset.
I found one like man’s face again.

I found this figure much alike man’s face.

I drew a face along with the above figure.

The face seemed me to put itself toward someone above. Especially It put the mouth or ripslips(Oh oh) to someone, waiting for something.
Then the idea came to me. “Isaiah!”

The prophet Isaiah saw God’s sign and angels and feared much. He thought his ripslips were too dirty, because he had told much in the dirty world on the earth, to see the holy existence.
Then an angel flew down to him, with red-heated pebble between the sticks. The angel touched his ripslips with the heated pebble and declared his rips got clean.

Therefore, I’d like to draw an angel, which has the hand on the left side, and build up the face on the right side to that of Isaiah.

Could I draw such a big picture? (To be continued)

Cast Lots

Today I think about Jonah in the Bible again.
I suppose he was an aged man. He might have been intractable and claimed every time, even to his master, but it was because he cared so much for his master. We often see such kind of aged servant in novels and movies, don’t we? And his Master might loved him and sometimes felt like to play with his stubbornness.

Jonah ran away from God’s order, because he did not liked it. He boarded on a ship, against which God made a Storm.
People on the ship cast lots to find who among them had brought this calamity.
And the lot fell on Jonah.

How did Jonah felt at that time?
I think he recalled himself his Master’s great work and he accepted his complete loss.
If one were defeated by his far superior counterpart, he would rather be pleased to his situation, admiring the winner. Wouldn’t he?

So I imagined how Jonah’s face was, when the lot fell on him.
His eyes might have been wide open by surprise, but his rips smiled dimly for the admiration.

This is the eyes, which I had drawn at first.

he’s staring at his lot. I suppose it was a straw or string, the end of which was knotted, to show it was it.
So he’s staring his hand holding the straw of destiny.

And the rips. They are at most tensed, but slightly open, and both end of them are a little raised.

My rips must have veen formed in the same way, when I was drawing his.

Then I shifted his face rightward, because I wanted to locate his lot at the center of the picture.
I drew Jonah further, to have long forehead to show his intelligence, to have gray hair and eyebrows, and ripples of his age on his face.

If he spoke modern Japanese, he might have said,
“マジ(it really is)…”

Soon after the lot, he asked the people to throw himself away into the sea, to shift the target of God’s anger away from the ship. But I suppose God had not been so much angry, because He sent the fish to catch him.

Into the mouth of a big fish

The Bible class in the church lets me the teacher, whose role the members play in turn, on one day of November!
Despite that I’m yet a novice! It’s very kind of them.

Moreover, on that day we will learn the Book of Jonah. I like this book so much, because it shows describes God making many forgiveness. He saved people, whom once He had planned to destroy. He also saved Jonah, who had run against Him. There were even discussions between God and Jonah about His justice. I like to know more how the feelings of God and Jonah changed in various situations written in the Book.

By the way…it’s time for drawing.

Jonah is at all famous that he was swallowed in the big fish which God had sent.
How did the fish look like?

You know, a usual fish would not have so large capacity to swallow a human body and to make him stay for a few days.
So I imagine the fish should have been so big compared to Jonah.

First I drew a fish.

Jonah should have been so small as a dot. How about it?

As the dot is nearly invisible, I made it a brighter color. Yes, it’s an aura with which God protects him.

But the sea should be bigger than its fish. I drew the sea with big waves, the dark sky with dark rain and bright lightening, then the small boat, from which Jonah was thrown off. And put the shrunk image of the Fish and the tiny tiny light of a man’s life.

But it might be difficult to people to find out this is a picture of Jonah in the Bible.

People in Heaven

One day I took a photo of clouds in the sunset. I reviewed it and got a nice idea.
I uploaded it onto my japanese blog and added the comment:

Heaven might be the place where people like icons of Window Live Messenger looks at us from above.

A friend of mine liked it. She even pointed out the one at the right hand is falling down on the cloud.

After a while I found another people on the cloud. And I got be sure it was really the heaven, because one of the Windows-Live-Messenger-Logo-like people had a wing.

Wish these people would protect us.


I found Nehemiah in the Bible very attractive.
He was one of the leaders of Jerusalem after the city was crashed in the war. He lead the people to build the long fortress of the city again.
There were some men who don’t like their construction and frequently interrupted them. But Nehemiah did not surrender to his enemies.

“The enemies” – when we learned about this book in the church, my preacher said, “These annoying men should be yourself against your faith. Their despising words should be what you tell yourself, when you are faced with difficulties and want to get away from it. Shouldn’t they?” Yes, they are.

I don’t like the later chapters of Nehemiah’s Book, in which he rejected other folks at all. He was a man before Jesus Christ, so he would not have been taught that all people in the world should be children of God.

Yet I like his tough mind to complete a big project through difficulties, and both of his passion to God and coolness to people. Recently I often tell myself, “Nehemiah, Nehemiah!” for both meaning – “Hang on it like him!” and “Keep cool like him!”

Anyway, I was very fond of drawing him. Here is a my idea of Nehemiah, wearing a blue veil.

In order to draw this picture, I began to draw the impressive eyes.

Eyes are indeed the light of individual corps.
Then I put them eyebrows and eyelids.

Then the mouth. Its vertical position is much important. When put too close to the eyes, the face will be unnecessarily cute.

It will be all right at about this position.

Width of the mouth is also important. If it is too wide, the face will be so comical as a frog.

Then the nose. A long one would make him intelligent, yet a bit fragile.

Instead, I chose a broad one, to show his tenaciousness.

It makes me a lot of fun to build up my idea about people in the Bible, with many trials and errors.

A Great Purchase

“Jesus has bought us. He bought whole of us with sins and defects, like buying apples with flaws.”

The above was written in the mail from my preacher to me.

I had never thought in such a way. I had thought that Jesus had “wiped away” our sins.
Thus I had wondered. It is 1000 years after he had “quenched” sins of people at that time, and we have still lots of sins, perhaps worth than those who at that time. War, destruction, greediness, bullying…

But, supposing from my preachers words, Jesus knows our sins and yet accepts us.
So, I believe not, that a sudden punishment of God to make all people together come to an end should come.

I got another idea from a great purchase of us by Jesus. Each sin that each of us has committed should never be quenched until he would compensate for it by his own responsibility.

Suppose you have cast a dirty word to your friend, which hurt him bad. You come home and pray to God, in the name of Jesus, “I have hurt my friend, please forgive me!” So you don’t need to apologize your friend?

My opinion is, yes, you do.

My idea is that God accept Jesus with us and Jesus accept us with our sins. The Lord (Jesus, or God, or the united of both) has permitted us to pray to Him as His children. Before Jesus, one had often been accused by other people in the society, being told like “You were out of our laws, so you should not pray to our God!”

The great Father would tell you, “Okay, you are still my child, even if you have hurt another child of mine. but the fact remains that you should apologize him. Do your best for that, and I will arrange something for you.”

You could wait and keep aware of the time come. So there must be something. You may meet unexpectedly with the friend on the street, or you may get into trouble and into need to beg help for him. You must not miss such chance arranged by Lord to say to him “My friend, I’m sorry! I was wrong!”

That is my aspect at the present. I believe I will never be forced to think outsided from, or against, the non-religious society in which I live, by being a Christian.