One more Prophet

There are many prophets in the Bible. They are all very attractive. They stand closer to God than ordinary people. At the same time they have their own emotions and anxieties as human beings.

I’m much interested in how they looked like. The prophets drawn in artworks of the Middle Age, however, we find all alike, as old men with beard and untreated hair and loose garments.
I agree they should have been aged as they were on their missions requiring much wisdom and experiences, and they should have been too busy to care about how they themselves looked like. What I don’t like about those artworks is they look all similar. They must have had distinguish character one by one.

So I prayed, “My Lord, please give me hints how your prophets looked like.”
And He has listend to me.
A little before he showed me a cloud, in which I found an idea of one.

Yesterday I took some shots of a blackbird in the light of sunrise. Later I reviewed them, and thought it had some feature like a prophet.

Look at its thinking eye, untreated hair, beard, large forehead!
Inspired by the above pictures, I drew like this:

I wanted to give him such feature as finding hope aftermath of destruction, like Isaiah, with the famous word “The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.”
So I put weeds and flowers under his feet, and the sky, most of which is covered by a curtain of gray cloud but a slight part of it is blue, around him.

What an image will He show me next? I can hardly wait. I never mind that, according to the picturebook of birds, the above blackbird must be female.


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