I found Nehemiah in the Bible very attractive.
He was one of the leaders of Jerusalem after the city was crashed in the war. He lead the people to build the long fortress of the city again.
There were some men who don’t like their construction and frequently interrupted them. But Nehemiah did not surrender to his enemies.

“The enemies” – when we learned about this book in the church, my preacher said, “These annoying men should be yourself against your faith. Their despising words should be what you tell yourself, when you are faced with difficulties and want to get away from it. Shouldn’t they?” Yes, they are.

I don’t like the later chapters of Nehemiah’s Book, in which he rejected other folks at all. He was a man before Jesus Christ, so he would not have been taught that all people in the world should be children of God.

Yet I like his tough mind to complete a big project through difficulties, and both of his passion to God and coolness to people. Recently I often tell myself, “Nehemiah, Nehemiah!” for both meaning – “Hang on it like him!” and “Keep cool like him!”

Anyway, I was very fond of drawing him. Here is a my idea of Nehemiah, wearing a blue veil.

In order to draw this picture, I began to draw the impressive eyes.

Eyes are indeed the light of individual corps.
Then I put them eyebrows and eyelids.

Then the mouth. Its vertical position is much important. When put too close to the eyes, the face will be unnecessarily cute.

It will be all right at about this position.

Width of the mouth is also important. If it is too wide, the face will be so comical as a frog.

Then the nose. A long one would make him intelligent, yet a bit fragile.

Instead, I chose a broad one, to show his tenaciousness.

It makes me a lot of fun to build up my idea about people in the Bible, with many trials and errors.


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