Cast Lots

Today I think about Jonah in the Bible again.
I suppose he was an aged man. He might have been intractable and claimed every time, even to his master, but it was because he cared so much for his master. We often see such kind of aged servant in novels and movies, don’t we? And his Master might loved him and sometimes felt like to play with his stubbornness.

Jonah ran away from God’s order, because he did not liked it. He boarded on a ship, against which God made a Storm.
People on the ship cast lots to find who among them had brought this calamity.
And the lot fell on Jonah.

How did Jonah felt at that time?
I think he recalled himself his Master’s great work and he accepted his complete loss.
If one were defeated by his far superior counterpart, he would rather be pleased to his situation, admiring the winner. Wouldn’t he?

So I imagined how Jonah’s face was, when the lot fell on him.
His eyes might have been wide open by surprise, but his rips smiled dimly for the admiration.

This is the eyes, which I had drawn at first.

he’s staring at his lot. I suppose it was a straw or string, the end of which was knotted, to show it was it.
So he’s staring his hand holding the straw of destiny.

And the rips. They are at most tensed, but slightly open, and both end of them are a little raised.

My rips must have veen formed in the same way, when I was drawing his.

Then I shifted his face rightward, because I wanted to locate his lot at the center of the picture.
I drew Jonah further, to have long forehead to show his intelligence, to have gray hair and eyebrows, and ripples of his age on his face.

If he spoke modern Japanese, he might have said,
“マジ(it really is)…”

Soon after the lot, he asked the people to throw himself away into the sea, to shift the target of God’s anger away from the ship. But I suppose God had not been so much angry, because He sent the fish to catch him.


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