Isaiah Project(1)

I was overviewing the pictures which I had taken a few days before. They were of cloud in the sunset.
I found one like man’s face again.

I found this figure much alike man’s face.

I drew a face along with the above figure.

The face seemed me to put itself toward someone above. Especially It put the mouth or ripslips(Oh oh) to someone, waiting for something.
Then the idea came to me. “Isaiah!”

The prophet Isaiah saw God’s sign and angels and feared much. He thought his ripslips were too dirty, because he had told much in the dirty world on the earth, to see the holy existence.
Then an angel flew down to him, with red-heated pebble between the sticks. The angel touched his ripslips with the heated pebble and declared his rips got clean.

Therefore, I’d like to draw an angel, which has the hand on the left side, and build up the face on the right side to that of Isaiah.

Could I draw such a big picture? (To be continued)


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