Out of Water

My wish has been realized. Today I was given the baptism in the church.
From today on I am a Christian.
My wish to be a Christian had not been only since when I made up my mind for the baptism, some weeks ago. Since I felt “some” holy existence, just 8 month ago – indeed it was Sunday afternoon, on March 25 – my wish to be a follower of that existence had started. I took so long a time to be confirmed it is Jesus.

Anyway, since my day had been scheduled in the church, I was under a heavy pressure. I felt I could not stand if the day were postponed. If I lost the chance to be baptized on that day, something plenty from my mind might have been lost, too. I prayed every day, every night, “Lord, please take me to the baptistery!”

God had helped me by making me so busy in publication, which I believe is my job given by Him. Indeed I still have many articles I must complete as soon as possible…but OK. From tonight I will start my writing again. Now I’d like to explain my rejoice here.

I was given a submersion baptism. I remember I had written here about it in June, when I saw one of my senior friend had been given it. People told me, I would be the next. And today I was.

People had prepared me a container in,say,160x100x60 cubic centimeters size filled with water. They had warmed it by an electric heater.

On the other hand I had got myself a piece of white underware, for upper and lower body, to hide my bare skin from through the wet white ritual garment.
I had also prepared a bath towel to remove water after I got out of the baptistery.
But I found I had forgotten a towel to cover my nose and mouth to prevent from absorbing water, when I got into the baptistery.

I laid myself into the water on my back with my bare face. But I was so calm, yielding everything to Jesus, that I was quite all right. Very small amount of water got into my nose, but it was so small, as it always came when I washed my face in a hurry.
I could carried all the ceremony out happily.

Now I’d like to declare to the world that I am a Christian. I thank to all Christian people to show me how to be that. I thank to all non-Christian people who accepted me to be a Christian. I thank people in the Bible to let me know what a fun to be a Christian. I thank God, Jesus and Holy Ghost to invite me to His world of love.



Ohhh these two weeks I had so busy days….Today  I’m going to church to be baptized! Last evening we had a moderate earthquake and I got so upset. My prayer might have been so weak. But I thank God, He had brought me to this morning anyway. O Lord, let me be one of your children! And make Your love shine upon all people! 


The day of my Baptism is set to Nov.25! I’m so happy.
I could say that I could’t wait for the day, but I should wait.
Baptism is no Festival or Concert. I should prepare my heart and mind toward the Lord, and pray to Him that He may support me until that day.

One early morning I was jogging on the street, when I heard a rooster launching cook-a-doodle-do.
That reminded me of the Apostle Peter, who denied Jesus three times before a rooster crowed, or, rather the rooster which crowed after the third denial of Peter.

It was not a direct message from the holy existence, nor any human being, that made Peter aware of his denial. It was a rooster, a species which is said (only in Japan?) that would forget any mercy in its three steps, which is soon to be cooked (yes, I like Twisters for KFCs), that had carried such a big mission.

I imagine this rooster might have known its role. I will not go too far to say that Jesus had come to give it His order.
But it might have seen Jesus, at least once, and realized what would be happen and how it should do.

I drew the scene of one of such days, when the rooster was looking at Jesus surrounded by many people, before the night of His arrest.

And in the very dawn, it must have found its time had come, and given the biggest cry as possible.
How did it cry? “You’ve denied your Master!” …well, I rather imagine it cried,



Well, these days I am under so much a pressure that I have to write two books at the same time. But how blessed I am to have an occupation! Wish I could realize a tiny tiny part of glory of God through my work.
The work does not interrupt my going to Church on Sunday morning and Wednesday night. God is my force to work.

The other day I met with a lady who visited us in the Church from the one in the next City.
She was older than I but was born later than my late mother.
Ryoko-san was her name. She was much pleased to know that my mother had been in the same high school as she was.

It was a Christian high school in the northern city. In Japan there are lots of Christian school, especially for female students. Though very few of them are Christians, there are surely some, like Ryoko-san and her friends.

“I remamber the days,” she told me, “At that time, Thankful! ( to God) was our popular word. We always said Thankful! whenever we were pleased.”

I imagined her schooldays. I know the city, because I had been often taken there by my mother, when I was a child…though she had never taken me there in winter, because “there is to much snow there for you.”

I imagined the classroom, in which Ryoko-san spent her youth with friends, in the small northern city in winter. There must have been much snow, which were shown from the window. There must have been a stove to heat the classroom, instad of electric air conditioner.

The girls must have been dressed modestly, because they were surely young servants of God. Their hair were natural black and bundled tight or cut short, they wore no cosmetics, only their cheeks was colored in pink with young and healthy blood. Praying to God together were their pleasure.

A beautiful scene. Thankful! to Ryoko-san to have inspired me to the picture. Thankful! to God to have inspired me through her.

I have personally many reasons that I’m going to be baptized soon. But I could say, above all those reasons, I am much enchanted in the beautiful world of Christianity. Though there might be many ugly matters caused by whom pretending to have belief, the world of true servants of God must be beautiful.