Thank you 2012

In our time zone, the year 2012 is ending in an hour or so.

This year was wonderful for me. I met with God and Bible, and then Jesus.
On November 25 I was baptized. Later my pastor told me, he found me so pleased to be a Christian, which made him happy, too.

Yes, I remamber, soon after baptism I met with him again in the church, both in daily garments again, then I greeted him “Hello, I’m Shimizu, the Christian,” that made him happy, so told he. That pleased me again.

My sad story in life has ended. Sure. From now on I will be no more alone. Immanuel, he is always with me.

And it’s the beginning of my endless journey to know His true will. I found the star and I will walk on toward it.

On the below picture I draw only the star and myself, yet painted the background in a warm color. For it’s one-to-one correspondence, me and my Lord, but I’m filled with a good air given by my friends. Yes, it’s you.

Thank you for visiting my blog and inspiring me with yours. Wish you all a happy new year!



Mary, Mother of Jesus, is the ideal of obedience to God. When she was told by the Angel her conceiving, she answered “Let it be to me according to your word.”

We always remind ourselves, when we are troubled in our life. Let it be to us according to our Lord’s will…

Yet she did more than accepting His will automatically. She decided it after going over doubt, worry and fear. She chose her way to obey her Lord whatever difficult, physically or socially, may occur to her.

We could find her toughness the song of praise, which she raise when she visited Elizabeth, who also conceived the baby, which would grow up to be John the Baptist, in spite of her age.

My soul magnified the Lord,
and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior,
for he has looked on the humble estate of his servant.
For behold, from now on all generations will call me blessed;
for he who is mighty has done great thing for me,
and holy is his name…

…he has brought down the mighty from their thrones
and exalted those of humble estate.
he has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent away empty.

This song sounds like she declares the victory of people on her side, the humble estate, which had been given among them the King of kings of the world. Behold, the people of noble class, you owns every material, but nothing spiritual in your hands…so sounds her song.

The true obedience may need a strong heart.

Back to a new reality

Marathon has ended, but my drawing is going on.

It’s another famous story, that shepherds are the first to be announced by an angel the birth of the Messiah. We have yet so much a significance.

At the time of Jesus, shepherds were not at all merry-and-easy naturalists. Instead, they were left at the lowest class in the society. they were poor, heavy laden, and religiously rejected, for they had to take care of their sheep even on Sabbath, whereas on that day people shall not work according to Mose’s Law. The good news to all human being was first brought to such deserted people.

A few days ago I got a message on these passages in Luke’s Gospel, of a pastor through a friend of mine.

After they saw the Messiah and realized all that the Angel had said turned true, the shepherds went back to their work, to their reality. But it was a new reality. They did see Christ. They were given hope. They would be poor and heavy laden as before, but their hearts were no more miserable.

I imagine the shepherds were so cheerful that they were almost running. Some lambs might have been with them, and they might have been surprised at their guide’s excitement.

In the Bible it is written that they saw the angel at night. Yet I imagine, they had taken a long time in journey to Bethlehem. Why it was not to be the early morning, that they started to go back to their new reality?

Christmas Break

Good Morning, Today I am going to take a “Christmas Break,” which means “Take a break after my Christmas event.” From December 1 to 25 I got up between 4-5AM and drew a picture of the day holding the mouse for 1 hour or so. It was a tough attempt, yet with a lot of pleasure. When I was drawing I felt my Lord with me. I even felt he hold my hand grabbing the mouse and helped to move.

Today I will visit my friends’s blogs time to time, which I had been away these days. To read is as precious as to write.

Sin, the Cross, Death and Resurrection

In the morning after three days Jesus was crucified, two women went to see his tomb. Then an angel rolled back the stone which had covered the tomb and sat on it. “Don’t be afraid, he went out of here already. ”

Thus my Drawing Marathon for Christmas is complete. I’d like to present what my pastor wrote me, when I was wondering who Jesus is and why he was needed besides his father in Heaven:

Man is an existence with conflicts. He always blames himself guilty, and yet try to be a good man.

Everyone is sinner, so tells us the Bible. We set ourselves apart from God. We cannot do good things by ourselves, however we may try.
We cannot control ourselves through human laws and orders. It’s impossible, so tells us the Bible.

There is no man built in full justice and virtue.
The Apostle Paul had once tried very hard to go perfectly along the law of Moses, but at last he lost hope in human being, for he found no one to be perfectly justified. He realized himself far away from God.

How did Paul tell the cause of his failure?
He found in himself the routine of sins to death.
That might have been so serious an idea, therefore he wished to be saved from the disease of sins to death, which would not be controlled by himself nor some others.

Then Paul tells us, it was Jesus, who bought back men with defect in nature. It’s like to buy a whole apple with its flaw.

He “payed” for us, so says Paul.
What did he pay for us? The life of himself.
Whom did he pay? To sins and death of us. He gave himself away into sins and death in place of us.

But he was not left conquered by sins and death, for at last Father in Heaven got an action to make His Son again.

So the Resurrection is not only from the physical death hung at the cross, but from the spiritual death, namely, being shuttered from God and left in the nil.
Thus God has shown us no human or holiness shall be deserted in the space of sins.

I thank all that took a look at any of my 25 pictures. I thank God having guided me to here. Merry Christmas, all of you, but I would not say Happy new Year yet, because we have yet some days for this year. Wish you every single happy December day towards the new year.

They visited the Child

Matthew 2:2-9 was our topic of this Christmas. In the Bible class last Wednesday we learned this part again.

I remarked: “I found the ideal of science in this story. The three doctors studied for their goals on and on and at last reached to see the Messiah. Their way had been prepared by God indeed.”
“Chase the truth on and on and at last bow down at the feet of God?” asked the Pastor.
“Exactly.” I said “I believe sci & tech should never create murder weapons as long as the scientists go guided by the Bethlehem star. ”

Then the pastor picked up this part in Matthew 2:11.

And going into the house they saw the child with Mary his mother, and they fell down and worshiped him.

“I’m very impressed with the phrase the child with his mother,” he said. “instead of the child with his father. This description releases every family from the inheritance of authority through the father and his first-born son.”

Indeed. Yet I miss Joseph from this scene, for he was such a precious guy to accept Mary with her son, which had been unknown to him, encouraged by the angel. He also chose his way prepared by God of acceptance and forgiveness, not by the society of guilt and punishment.

So I drew Joseph too, watching over his wife and son behind the horse.

And behold, the mother is sitting on the folded veil of her husband, which the owner gave her for the seat..

Ooops, I am not yet freed from children’s combats drama in Japanese TV, in which three heroes should be often colored in three colors. “Melchior-Red, Caspar-Yellow, Balthazar-Green, We are the Three Magi, celebrating Christmas!”


The back of a man benting himself on the ground.

Three men from behind.

Two wearing different caps and other a crown.

Well, they might be too close to each other. Set one by one apart.

That’s good.
Then cover each with garments.

This is my way of drawing. Though most of their bodies are to be covered at last, I can’t imagine how they would be, unless draw all figures underneath.

Then the mother. Oh no, she hold something too tight, even crushing it with her arms.

Relax, my Mary. Well…no.

Lay down your forearm more. Yet tight.

Better to draw all her appearance. She is sitting.

And holding the baby. No, something is wrong.

Would it look better by setting her hand under the baby? No, something seems strange.

I was wrong. I had been making her to embrace the space and then insert the baby into it. No, there should be the object first.

Now I found what seemed strange! The baby must slip down from her arms with this formation.
Let put her right arm to support the baby….

Eureka! She must support him not at the forearm, but at the upper! So the forearm must go upwards to hold the upper arm of herself tight, not to carry the baby!

And the left arm is to hold the right forearm of herself, not the baby directly

What a wonder, the mechanism of human performance should be. I had been only thinking that the mother should support the baby. But the truth was she should support herself to accept the baby. Wouldn’t it tell something in our way of life?

Now the Messiah is held gently in his mother’s arm. Then cover most of them with the garment.

Alas, I have no power and time for today. The completion of the picture and its description should be for tomorrow. Today we have Christmas in the church.