Leaving the City

Recently there was a guest in our church. A pastor of the church in other city. He told us the famous story of Mark 10:46-52, that Jesus cured a blind man named Bartimaeus, as he was leaving the city of Jericho.

“This is a very instructive story,” the pastor said.
“Take a good look at this words – as Jesus was leaving the city. Which means, it was the one and only chance for the blind man to see Jesus, and be cured! This man, though had been left without sight, but blessed with some good sense to know the Saver came near to him! Imagine how he was eager to get close to Jesus. He shouted and shouted to beg His mercy. Imagine how he was serious! You audience may want Him, too, and you will see Him!”

I was so impressed by his lesson, that I read that part later once again. Then I was interested in another section written there.

51 “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus asked him.

Didn’t He know what the blind man had wanted?
Or did He have some reason to let him answer by himself?


I have an idea, that He did not find out what exactly the blind man had wanted. For the blind man, Bartimaeus, himself, had forgotten that, in the big rejoice that he was called by Jesus. Jesus wanted him to remind himself what had been his first wish.

The pastor also told us, at that time deseases and physical handicaps were even more serious difficulties, because they were attributed wrongly to punishment and rejection by God.

So I think, miracles by Jesus to heal people were not only to save them physically but also spiritually, or even socially. At the same time they were severe demonstrations against priests and religious authorities at that time, who were only played with the laws and ignored people in difficulties.


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