Joseph and His Wife

Today’s picture for Christmas.

Yeah, it’s simple. Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph. But I’d like to give it a title as Joseph and his wife.

How do you see this couple? The holy mother and her blessed husband – that was my idea before. A virgin was selected for the holy role, because she was “pure.”

Our pastor’s lecture yesterday was somewhat different.

“Imagine how a young girl got pregnant before marriage. Who had believed it was done by God? Everybody should have thought that she had lied with other man, everybody should have accused her, and laughed at her engaged.
Joseph accepted her nevertheless. If he had left her, he might have been justified in his society. But Mary? She might have been rejected as an ashamed woman, left alone with her child, without any support. Remember that a justice among people might sometimes get rid of an individual.”
“But Joseph accepted her with her baby, who was unfamiliar to him. It’s just like Jesus accepts us with our sins. Thus begins our story of Messiah indeed with ACCEPTANCE.”

I had almost cried “Amen!.” Joseph was not only a holy bridegroom, but also the proof of Christ’s love. Yes, he was indeed David’s offspring.
Christ “was” within us at the same time as he “came”. Isn’t it a bigger miracle, rather than a virgin shall conceive?


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