The Flock

In this beautiful season, a heartbreaking news of accident was brought to us in Japan. In a tunnel for a highway the heavy metallic ceiling fell down and collapsed the cars driving through the tunnel. Some people could get away but 9 people were killed. They might have been killed in the cold darkness.

Why so many people dies every day in so cruel ways in the world?
Recently I cannot help thinking as if they were lamb of God, each of them were little Jesus.

“God shall not leave His Son in the cold and dark space of death.”
My pastor says.

“He shall feed His flock like a shephard
And He shall gather the lambs with His arms”

This is a part of my recent favorite song, whose lyrics have been taken in the Bible. Today I had an idea that this word “the lambs” might mean especially those who were to be killed in the world.

So today’s picture.

This is not at all my idea that He has been figured like an infant. I was going to draw man of his 30s, as is often described for Jesus. But my mouse went in a different way. Might His father in the heaven have controlled my mouse?

Then His coloring. At first I thought good to paint him all in a warm color or even so colorfully as an rainbow. But wait. As he carries them in His bosom, He Himself must have been exposed in cold.
Thus is there this coloring. Praise God to give me the idea.


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