The Road

Well, today’s picture is so poorly drawn, nor I can imagine how to paint it. It might need an explanation.
On the road one holds the other in his arms. The road leads into between the collapsed pieces of a wall. Beyond the wall a genocide is going on, stimulated by a trumpet tone. I hope you could distinguish which should be the fragments of the wall and who blows the trumpet.

I wanted to draw about the city of Jericho. I had been really shocked when I read the story of The Walls of Jerico, which people led by Joshua invaded and killed all the dwellers, so far as written in the Bible.

Oh, God, why did you let them do such a brutality? You must be merciful, You dislike bloodshed, Indeed you have helped me so often.

But behold, Jericho is also a symbol of Jesus’ love. He cured a blind man as he was leaving this city. And he told about the good Samaritan who helped an wounded on the road to this city.

Our God often change His mind. One of my Christian friend says, “The greatest change of His mind should be, you know, that He has sent Jesus to us, instead of destroying us like in Noah’s age.”

I cannot help feeling that God was so regret about selecting Jerico as the scene of killing, that He has selected the city again, as the scene of Jesus’ love.


3 thoughts on “The Road

  1. it is we as Human beings that let God down… He/she gives us Free Will, and it has been our choices to create war or follow Peace… Jesus came to remind us to live from our hearts and to love one another… let us all hope that in the future we remember to live from our hearts and in peace…

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