Today’s picture.

A man is crouching, holding something with his arms and knees, for that thing is so heavy. At his back the other is approaching and looking for a chance to take it.

The red thing is the burden of the one clinging to it. and the other is his Lord.

This picture is inspired by a retired pastor whom I met in the church last Sunday.

He told me, “We are often told that we could yield all our burden to our Lord. As a matter of fact very few of us could do it.
If you say your burden, you might imagine as it were put on your back. In fact, you are likely to cling to your burden by yourself, showing your back to your Lord.”

“But Jesus is looking for every chance to pick it up. Someday you fill find, suddenly, your burden is taken away. Our life of belief shall be something like that. Relax and leave a chance He might reach His hand to your burden.”


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