Martha, Martha

Jesus was invited a woman named Martha, who had a (possibly younger) sister Mary.
Martha was very busy to prepare for hosting him and his disciples (and perhaps many people having visited them). But Mary just sat at his feet and listened his words.

Martha came to him and asked him to tell her sister to come help her.

“Martha, Martha” the Lord answered, “you are worried and upset about many things…”

Although the really important words of him might follow the above part, I am much interested in it.

How do you feel about the Lord called her name twice? For us Japanese, calling someone by name – or telling a word – twice sounds more gentle than doing it once. “Stop it, Bibuji” would sound me a strong interception. Were I told “Bibuji bibuji, stop it, stop it,” however, I would like to answer, “Ok, ok.”

So I imagine Jesus let Martha calm down quite gently and show her his sympathy that she was doing her best to please him.

Thus, today’s picture.

First I drew a draft that Jesus composing her in this way…

Mmmm, it’s something not Jesus-like.
Then an idea came to me. I believe it came from Heaven.

That’s it. Jesus would not like to look down unto people. Thus my picture is complete.


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