Come and Go

I draw the pictures of this Christmas drawing marathon every morning. This morning I was so tired that I felt it difficult to get up, but oh the Lord encouraged me.

Yesterday we had a prayer meeting and the pastor talked about the family of baby Jesus escaping to Egypt from Herod’s persecution.

It has a good contrast to the Exodus, people of Israel escaping from Egypt lead by Moses.

So I wanted to draw Joseph, Mary and their baby travelling to one direction, with a group of people to the opposite.

I painted the family darker, for they were going in secret. Whereas the Exodus had been carried out apparently, thus they were not shaded.

Then there were something I was so eager to draw: pillars of fire, that God had prepared for the people to guide. I liked to set them between the family going and the people coming.

The layer utility of a modern drawing tool helped me a lot.
First I hid the original layer and added another over it.
The pillars of fire were then drawn on the upper:

Then made the original appear again. Oh, no, it’s located so upward that they will not be seen “between” the two.

Shifting the upper layer downward. That’s better.

Then the whole layer could make more transparent. At last today’s picture:

“God prepares us the way to escape, and the shield to hide” The pastor told then.”But he will not only let us hide. He will call us to do what we should. We shall keep our ears keen to catch His calling.”


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