Today’s picture required me a heavy consideration. I wanted to draw the scene that a man pondering what to do in a pigs’ hut.

Precisely, I had a difficulty not in drawing lines, but in painting.

A son of a wealthy man left his home with a lot of money shared by his father.
Soon he consumed all of it for his pleasure and suffered from poverty.
He was hired to take care of pigs.
He regret his way of life and made up his mind to go back to his father and beg him for forgiveness.
In my scene he is sitting in the pigs’ hut thinking about what to say to his father.

The problem was what color I should use.
I might well paint in such way that a light shine upon him in the dark hut. But I didn’t want to.

I think this story given by our Lord would not tell this son had been saved so easily. Before that he must have worried so badly. He must have been ashamed to face to his father. He must have been afraid of being rejected, despised and driven away.

Then how could he made up his mind? Driven by hunger and impulse to survive?
Well, I imagine, it was indeed a sunlight, but not a spotlight. An usual daylight might have made him a bit warmer, which encouraged him to act positively.

Then an idea came to me: use colors to express temperature.

The wall – cold.
The floor – colder.
Outside – the warmst, because it’s a source of sunlight.
Pigs – As warm as the outside, because they are innocent.
The son – a bit warmer.

Mmmmm, I felt pity for him. Ok, a part of his body facing outside might be even a bit warmer.

Mmmmmmmm, today’s picture did not hit me on the chord. Well, there might be such one, for I’m going to draw so much as 25 pictures until the Christmas day.


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