I usually draw these pictures at 5AM, and here it is 10:30AM, still today. The marathon is running.

Yesterday we had a bible study in the church. We learned about the King Herod, who had a visit of three wise men from the east, heard about the baby who was to be the king of Israel, worried about it and attempted to kill the baby.

This is the portrait of the King Herod in the text with which we learned.

Then we learned Herod killed many people who had threatened his throne. Especially he killed his wives, offsprings, relatives.

Suddenly a woman named Masae-san told “I…fell very sorry for him.”
She looked quite worried. Maybe she had felt herself a bit sinful to have a sympathy with the tyrant. Yet she said, “I think he must have been afraid of being driven off. Killing his family one by one, with no one to trust… He must have been so lonely.”
“Though the story of Herod has been quite familier to me, I have never thought of him pity until now. It’s strange.”

King Herod, among other Herods in your Family tree, you are saved. You have got sympathy from a Chist’s daughter 2000 years later.
So today I’d like to draw a happy picture of him.

A smiling face, yet without beard, which would be drawn later.

Well, it does seem happy, but a bit artificial.
Maybe the eyebrows must be more emotional.

That’s better.
Relax more…

Perfect. Then beard and ripples like a Grand-pa.

May the baby in his arms…

A little hand holding his beard…

Well, something is missing.
Oh, it’s the heroine of this picture. Masae-san must be there to watch over the happy King.

Merry Christmas, Masae-san.


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