Sin, the Cross, Death and Resurrection

In the morning after three days Jesus was crucified, two women went to see his tomb. Then an angel rolled back the stone which had covered the tomb and sat on it. “Don’t be afraid, he went out of here already. ”

Thus my Drawing Marathon for Christmas is complete. I’d like to present what my pastor wrote me, when I was wondering who Jesus is and why he was needed besides his father in Heaven:

Man is an existence with conflicts. He always blames himself guilty, and yet try to be a good man.

Everyone is sinner, so tells us the Bible. We set ourselves apart from God. We cannot do good things by ourselves, however we may try.
We cannot control ourselves through human laws and orders. It’s impossible, so tells us the Bible.

There is no man built in full justice and virtue.
The Apostle Paul had once tried very hard to go perfectly along the law of Moses, but at last he lost hope in human being, for he found no one to be perfectly justified. He realized himself far away from God.

How did Paul tell the cause of his failure?
He found in himself the routine of sins to death.
That might have been so serious an idea, therefore he wished to be saved from the disease of sins to death, which would not be controlled by himself nor some others.

Then Paul tells us, it was Jesus, who bought back men with defect in nature. It’s like to buy a whole apple with its flaw.

He “payed” for us, so says Paul.
What did he pay for us? The life of himself.
Whom did he pay? To sins and death of us. He gave himself away into sins and death in place of us.

But he was not left conquered by sins and death, for at last Father in Heaven got an action to make His Son again.

So the Resurrection is not only from the physical death hung at the cross, but from the spiritual death, namely, being shuttered from God and left in the nil.
Thus God has shown us no human or holiness shall be deserted in the space of sins.

I thank all that took a look at any of my 25 pictures. I thank God having guided me to here. Merry Christmas, all of you, but I would not say Happy new Year yet, because we have yet some days for this year. Wish you every single happy December day towards the new year.


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