Back to a new reality

Marathon has ended, but my drawing is going on.

It’s another famous story, that shepherds are the first to be announced by an angel the birth of the Messiah. We have yet so much a significance.

At the time of Jesus, shepherds were not at all merry-and-easy naturalists. Instead, they were left at the lowest class in the society. they were poor, heavy laden, and religiously rejected, for they had to take care of their sheep even on Sabbath, whereas on that day people shall not work according to Mose’s Law. The good news to all human being was first brought to such deserted people.

A few days ago I got a message on these passages in Luke’s Gospel, of a pastor through a friend of mine.

After they saw the Messiah and realized all that the Angel had said turned true, the shepherds went back to their work, to their reality. But it was a new reality. They did see Christ. They were given hope. They would be poor and heavy laden as before, but their hearts were no more miserable.

I imagine the shepherds were so cheerful that they were almost running. Some lambs might have been with them, and they might have been surprised at their guide’s excitement.

In the Bible it is written that they saw the angel at night. Yet I imagine, they had taken a long time in journey to Bethlehem. Why it was not to be the early morning, that they started to go back to their new reality?


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