The Sheep Keeper(1)

In the Bible, the boy David insists the incumbent king Saul that he should fight with the giant Goliath, who called anyone from their soldiers for the duel.
The king was afraid that it should be too disadvantageous for a fragile boy to challenge to the macho professional combat.
But the boy said, “I am the keeper of my father’s sheep. I often fight with Bears and Wolves to protect the sheep. So I can fight with that giant, too.”

Unfortunately this word of the young David is only in the japanese translation. In the English Standard Version, instead, it is written “Your Servant used to keep sheep for his father(Samuel 17:34).”

I prefer the Japanese translation, because David clearly declared what he was: at what location he stood. Let me write again.

Your servant is the keeper of his father’s sheep.

“The keeper of his father’s sheep” reminds me of Jesus…indeed David played a role of foretelling the Messiah.

Now, what answer do you have to the question “What are you in the world?”

I drew the picture for this scene, which I will show in the next blog.


4 thoughts on “The Sheep Keeper(1)

  1. Well my good friend,, we are all of us sheep if we wish to be led, but we are all of us Keepers of ourselves.. And we can at times guide others who wish to be shown the way..
    I hope that there are many Kind shepherds out there keeping watch over each other.. For its only by sharing and taking care of each other that we as a flock survive.. :-)

    Bright Blessings to you this day and nice to get your blogs.. I may be absent a while as work commitments may keep me busy..
    Take Care.. Sue :-)

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