I have become a member of the choir in the church.
I take a part in soprano. It is mainly because soprano sings main melody. alto is difficult, because it must resonance with soprano.

It is said that the hymn scores edited by Japan Baptist Association favor high tones. A brother of ours once attended to the national congress of Baptists. He was asked “How was the congress?” and he told, “Very good. As there were mainly male members in the congress, they selected the hymns with lower tones, which we sang, and my throat was much easier than the usual prayer meetings.”

Yet the songs sounds so beautiful that I want to sing with all my power. I like to try high tones too, even if my voice turned like that of a hen in panic.

“Hey, Bibu-chan,” told me recently the leader Kumi-san, “You can sing loud, yet in high tones your voice turn creaky. It’s because you raise your head. ”

She told, “You should rather lay your face a little downward. Imagine that your voice echoed in the parietal, the top to back side of your head. But don’t stiffen your shoulders”

Oh yeah, it’s really singing with my whole body, cool!

“It would be much better,” she told “raise your eyebrows, which pulls the muscles in your mouth to make your throat wider”

Does it!? do the muscles to move the eyebrows link to the muscles in the mouth? How incredible is the organism of living things, which were created by God!

“Oh no, Bibu-chan, don’t show the white of the eyes!”

I learned we should also use all parts of your face to sing.


2 thoughts on “Choir

  1. I was a member of a choir, both at school and in my local Chapel. I remember well my Choir-mistress at school telling me to smile also while I sang…. She would stand in the front of us and constantly pull faces to make us Smile…… LOL :-) Thank you for sharing and for re-awakening my old memory xx

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