Sword and Armor

I’d like to draw another scene inspired by the story that David fought with Goliath.

As the boy looked so confident that the Lord be with him, King Saul let him go against the giant. Then he offered the younger his own helmet, armor and the sword.
It is written in the Bible, that the people of Israel had very few equipments made of metal. Confronted by full-metal armored enemies, most people, except for the king and his son, Jonathan, were without metal armors or weapons.

Then today’s picture.

A human figure holds a rod, also supporting it on his shoulder. But since it is too heavy for him, he is inclined backward.

Give the flesh onto the bones.

This is recent way of my drawing. first figure the body, not covered with clothes, so that his pose be confirmed.
Then make him armored.

Oh, no. David wore the armor and carried the sword, but he couldn’t move as he like.
So he told:

“I cannot go with them, for I have not tested them.”

In japanese, this saying of David is translated more like: “I cannot wear them, for I have not experienced with them. (こんなものは着けられません、慣れていませんから)”

Isn’t the word to be memorized? When you are faced with a big problem, handle it with the way with which you are most experienced. Unless you know it well, you should expect few with any method or tools, however effective they may seem.

The adult soldiers might have been watching the boy with curiosity. Among them I drew Jonathan, who was also young. He is the best friend of David, about which I would like to write later.


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