Fruit of God

Grape is the kind of fruits very close to our Lord. Can we count how many times this fruit is told by Him?

Lets’ draw a bunch of grape.

The above it the simplest expression of the bunch. Why, it’s great. It’s built of 4+3+2+1 2D packing of spheres, creating a triangle. A perfect geometry.

But…yes, it’s too simple.
A real bunch of grape has more long shape, and three dimensional.

The shape is better, but it doesn’t look 3D-like. Solid geometry is one of the idea at which I am very poor. “How many small cubes are hidden in this big one?” – such question has made me shiver since I was a child.

Don’t give up. I have poor idea but some logics instead.
A bunch of grape is not a simple stack of spheres. All spheres of fruits are set at the tips of branches like one tree-shaped framework.

I’d like to note that the black background should be better, because the space between the spheres must be shaded, instead of left white.

But this tree-shape is yet 2D. How can we draw the spheres for 3D-like a appearance?

Well this idea is not realistic, but will the logic very simple. Let’s have a group of 4 spheres forming a tetrahedron.

Set this unit onto the tip of every branch. For example, the first one is set like this…

Then, arrange the units vertically along the front face.

Then locate the ones onto the branches, so that they’d be hidden behind those who were arrayed first on the front face…

Then, arrange the units vertically along the front face.

Then, arrange the units vertically along the front face.

Now, the wireframe was completed! Let’s paint it…

Rotating the whole shape and there is the bunch!

How wonderful! Indeed this fruit of God includes basic geometry. Tree-shape(fractal) and tetrahedron.
The only problem left yet is coloring the background. Whatever color other than black shows the shape less solid. For example:

I’m waiting for the Lord to give me a hint so that I could bring the fruit from the darkness into the light.


2 thoughts on “Fruit of God

    • Thank you for the link! Oh yes, I like geometry, for it expands and deepen our imagination…regardless whether we could succeed in school exam on it. I think symmetrical objects soothe us because they give us an idea of balance.

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