How will He bless us?

In the Bible Study we read also a guidebook written by people of the Japan Baptist Convention.
Explanations of given passages of the Bible are written there. Some articles hit me on the chord, others might not be my taste. But one thing is sure: every writer is himself inspired so much with every single word of the Bible.

Recently I was so much impressed by an article, in which the writer put a great significance on the word “Blessed,” which is often remarked by Jesus.

Yes, we often quote “Blessed are the pour…” and say ourselves “God bless you!” or “I’m blessed with…”. “Blessed” seemed me rather easy to use as “a good word.”

I was surprised, then, the author wrote:

“Blessed are your eyes, for they see, and your ears, for they hear.” – these words, which Jesus told filled in so much pleasure! Have you ever tasted these words, for they have been given to yourself?

Well, I have not imagined that He would have told the words with such pleasure.

So today I’d like to imagine how did He look, as he blessed the people.
Yes, I’m going to draw His face. But please don’t take it as I draw icons. They are just schematic illustrations of human emotions.

A typical smile:

Or with a bit of heartache, for he knew He would be at last betrayed by those who He blessed:

Or rather a wild smile, for many of His declarations were to challenge to the conventional, humane ideas of good and evil.

Ah yes, what if His mouth were open? A big smile.

Or why can’t we imagine that He stared at them straight?

Or He might have been in meditation…Nirvana?

How about if He was looking up to His Father while he was talking?

And the last idea: Instead of smiling, he looked into the eyes of others seriously and told decisively, “I truly tell you, you are blessed!”

Which would you like best, if you were blessed by Him?


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