Going Out

Last week I was possessed with a lot of work. It was a publishing work, with which I had been for as long as 8 months. Now it’s all done and I am freed of the pressure. Yet when I look back over those months and find the work were a lot of fun.

I kept my attendance on the prayer meeting on Sunday and the Bible class on Wednesday.
We learned there the passages in Matthew chap20, where the Lord tells the story of Labores in the Vineyard.

It’s the very famous story that the lord of the vineyard pays every Labors the same wage, regardless of since when he were there.

Yet our paster always gives us fresh hints. He told:

“Note that the lord, implying Jesus, goes out to the marketplace to pick up the labores, instead of waiting them to come asking for the work. He goes out many times a day to take those who are just standing with nothing to do, not knowing what to do. Remember in the same way, that He comes out to seek us.”

That inspired me to today’s picture. He is leaving his house in the vineyard to the marketplace, where some people are standing and others come and go:


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