Elijah’s Strives

Today I was making my room in order, during which I found a document, which was written by may pastor, about whom I wrote in yesterday’s post “YSub.

He wrote about Elijah. Once I had read it and found it wonderful, and today I read it again and again found wonderful. I’d like to present it in English.

It is written about the episode, that Elijah won over prophets worshipping other god in the competition to call their gods to bring them fire.

Elijah’s God was, as you know, Hebrews’ Lord and our Christ’s Father. For other god I will not denote the name, because it is no good to figure out the particular “Enemy god.”
What we should know is that in Elijah’s era, kings of Israel forget their God, who had loved them all the time, and encouraged their people to worship other god for less discipline and more material profits.

The below is my pastor’s explanation.

Elijah’s Strives

Today we learn what Elijah showed us through his strives. It’s a famous story and often told simply as “Justice done.” But let’s read it for more.

1)Against the religion bound to the regime: Showing his God without fear of the king
The king and his wife supported priests and prophets worshipping other God. The regime and religion count on each other and shared their profits. As Israel was growing in prosperity, they began to accept one god to another. The Bible shows through Elijah the strive against profit-oriented religions.

2)Against the ambiguous people: Without fear of the apathy
 Elijah fought also against “silent people.” He claims to the people to clarify whom they worship. But they keep silent. Some were indifferent to belief, others were afraid of the regime, or wanted to avoid conflicts over beliefs among them. But the Bible, through Elijah, asks people for the decision.

3)Has Elijah really won? : His sin and salvation
After Elijah won over the enemy prophets, he murdered all of them. Should he be justified? No, we don’t agree any murder. Elijah might have wanted to confirm his God’s dominance, but at last he did the same crime as the regime, who had killed his friend prophets.
Here we can see Elijah to be sinner himself. Even a prophets isn’t perfect. Any human can save people. People had to wait for the perfect salvation by God Himself, namely sending His only Son Jesus Christ. The Prophet Elijah is also freed from his sin by our Saver, Jesus Christ.

Of course, today I draw Elijah.
But there was a problem. I don’t know how he looked like!
Then my Lord gave me the idea again: “Behold, your Elijah must call fire, which can screen him.”

Ah yes!

He looks calling not only the fire but his salvation, doesn’t he? That what I had intended by myself. I must have been helped.


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