My work is progressing further. Tomorrow I will finish all that I have to finish in March.

In such more relaxed situation I could meet today, which is the great day for me. In the same day last year, God visited me.

At that time I was involved in many troubles with people around me, and I thought myself the root of all evil. With such broken heart I happened to find in my room a small thing(a photo, a key holder, a pencil or something quite trivial) which reminded me of the old day as I had been so young and happy and optimistic.

“Oh, what a happy day it was…”
I told to myself. I could fall deeper into sorrow, with comparing myself with the happiness in the past. But suddenly I heart was filled with something so warm and beautiful.

Why am I feel so happy as I am now, in spite of such miserable situation? I asked myself. Who has put in my heart such warm thing?

Soon I found the answer:”It must be God! This must be so called as salvation!”

And the Bible was in my bookshelf. It was more than 20 years ago that a friend of mine gave it to me. I had read it a few times, just for fun.

Hence I read the Bible again, and then went to the church in the neighborhood, and now I am walking with my Lord.

This year I was much afraid that I might forget what a great day it is, and spend the day with complaint or trivial annoyances. But my Lord had bound me nice and tight to the memory of the day.
And what will I do for the celebration? I am no idea better than giving Him my prayer. But it might be the best thing to do.


Thank You my Lord for the wonderful 365 days You gave to me.
May You stand by me all the way.
I pray to you in the name of Jesus.


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