Behold the Lamb of God

Around the Easter, John’s Gospel was more often than usual quoted, because it describes on the Resurrection very well.
John’s Gospel looks indeed characteristic compared to the other three. It seems to me very poetic and inspiring.

I am much impressed with the scene at 2:35, that John the Baptist declared, as he saw at Jesus walking with his disciples: Behold the Lamb of God!

How will I draw the scene?
It’s so funny, that I imagine a scene that John the Baptist is sitting on the something at one step high, like a bad school boy, along the street in the downtown. There comes Jesus, rather over a distance. As John tells the word loud, Jesus just gives him a glance, but keeps passing him by.

And the scene developed in my mind was such that Jesus walks near at us and John called Him from over there:

Let’s broaden the scene to show better where on earth (on the street, precisely) John the Baptist sits.

And the disciples? Please forget my mistake to have drawn more than two of them, despite that John the writer narrates so.
I had an idea. Recently I saw a religious picture in an ancient time and much impressed by it, because there were great differences among the characters drawn on it, indifferent to the perspective: Jesus was the largest, and others were much smaller than Him. There were also difference in scales among saints, possibly dependent on how much the painter wanted to draw them.

So I added disciples to be much smaller, enough smaller not to be taken as children.

and the passers-by, further smaller:

Good! now the picture wears a pretty ancient atmosphere, doesn’t it?
One thing I’d like to appeal is, I followed the perspective rule in drawing Jesus, John and the background, and only for other people I ignored it.

Let’s give them colors, then. My principle is, the most important ones are to be painted black.

Then disciples in dark blue.
How about the passers-by? in lighter blue?

No, let’s give them rather various colors, so that they should have rather no particular characters…and the picture will be cute.

Have a nice weekend…


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