Jacob’s Well

John’s Gospel is very poetic. I also like the story told in the Chapter 4, where Jesus has a conversation with a Samaritan woman at the well, which had been related to the ancestor Jacob.

What interests me is the woman’s curiosity, who asks Jesus about what He meant by His mystical words and tells what she knows about the Messiah, and so on. And He gives an answer to her every question, somewhat enjoying. In this period of time I’m afraid women might have been assumed without identity, without intelligence. But Jesus seemed me to evaluate women’s mind and thought very high, by which I appreciate Him very much.

Now, how do I draw this scene?
The picture, in which Jesus is sitting at the well and the woman stands towards him, seems me too prototypic.

How about let them sit side by side like good friends in the campus?

Mmmm, not just fit to my mind.

Or, let the woman more apart from him at the well…It might be interesting, because it could imply that Jesus could tell the woman had come to get the water, while she was yet far away. And the conversation between the two in a distance might be an interesting idea.

Yet not enough vivid.

Then the idea came to me. I believe it was He Himself, that gave me it.
The two are looking into the well, face to face.
And the view is from inside the well

Yes, this is today’s picture.

It was at the noon, so tells the story. The Sun might have shone up above them and the water reflected the light. Also this time I thank Him to support me.


2 thoughts on “Jacob’s Well

    • Oh, sorry for my late response! Thank you for reblogging this post of mine! My pastor liked the picture and had so much fun with it, telling me “In my life as a pastor I have many pictures for Jesus and the Samaritan woman at Jacob’s well, but never such like yours.”

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