Find and Reach out

Before baptized I used to read the Bible just for fun. At that time I didn’t like the passage of a woman who touched Jesus’ garment and healed.

It was because I had been soaked in the Japanese traditional stoicism: I thought as if this woman had just wanted the benefit, namely, to be cured. Oh, I was too young and healthy to know how much painful people suffering from diseases were.

The more I learned the Bible in the church, the more I learned how much faith this woman had. She trusted the Lord would help her and gave all her effort into have a touch on the rim of His garment. With her disease, she must have been refused and neglected by her society. She did not wanted any benefit, but her life.

So I started to draw this scene.
Many people went following Jesus as He waled. Through the crowd, she could not see the figure of the Son of Man. Her eyes caught only the clothe waving with His footsteps.

So today I will not draw Jesus as a human figure. A piece of clothe waving in the air:

And the woman reaches her arm fully out to the precious flappy existence…today I draw her dressed, because she has a physical difficulty specific with female. Let’s take care of her situation…

I drew her large at first to draw in detail. But at last I decreased her size, so that both the Holy piece of cloth and the woman are located small in the large canvas.

And I drew the other people in much bigger size over her. But they don’t passed the Clothe away, that is the important point of my picture of today. Both the crowd and the woman follow the same existence. But the crowd don’t see the real Holiness. They just seek something good before them. Only the woman can see what she longs for.

But why could she find the truth of Him?

Soon I remember what my pastor told in his recent preach: “This woman and Jesus have the resonance. They synchronized with each other.”

Good. They could meet because they had the same color. But it might not have been a strong color. White would be best to express their common feeling among many bright colors of the crowd and the atmosphere:

Ohhhh yeah! This is one of my most favorite pictures. Thank God (and my pastor to pass His word) to inspire me.


Dilemma of the Angel

Yay, at last the mission of publishing the DVD for the 20th anniversary of my church is complete! Yesterday the 200 copies dealt with a factory was sent us. Here’s the pictures presented in my another blog in german.

Also yesterday we had the weekly Bible class, which we discussed about the idea of “The Mountain of God.”
Such an idea was presented there, that the two important occurrences on the mountain (hill) were joined together: Abraham was about to offer his only son Isaac for the sacrifice to God, and God did offer His only Son on the Cross for redeeming us from our Sins.

I think time is quite on the palm of God and anything can happen in anytime anywhere and repeated easily at His disposal.Therefore it’s not strange to think the incident on Abraham and that on the Cross to occur in parallel. They may even happen on the same “Mountain.”

And the angel saves Isaac but not Jesus. Of course it’s God’s will, but the angel might be in the dilemma which of the two to save – or, more precisely, he might be so stressed that he can choose only the one, not the other.

I have wrote all above in the present tense, because it might be happening even just now.
It’s wonderful to travel around in the time and matters guided by the Bible.