On my Fiftieth Birthday

Today, June 15th, is my 50th birthday, which I enjoy so much like a child.
People(especially Japanese) take it strange that I am so happy to be 50. “Don’t you want to hide your age, for you are a woman?” – so they ask me.
Oh, I enjoy to be a 50-year-old person, not a woman nor a man. Or I’m both. Namely, I enjoy both male and female way of thinking.

Ancient Samurai assumed the life as 50 years long.
So my life from today is an extra.
Or I’m as new as a baby bird.

A very new baby bird is, however, not so cute until it is brought up to be a “chick,” which wears soft feathers and sings cheap cheap.
A baby bird just after getting out of the egg is naked, with somewhat eerie colors, and its head and belly are abnormally big. It cannot live a day without its parent.

I also look like it, far from fancy, nevertheless I enjoy the day so much.


4 thoughts on “On my Fiftieth Birthday

  1. Oh how pleased I spotted your post in my email back-log today. Congratulations on your wonderful Birthday. We are as old as we feel. For me I was born in 1954 and still only feel young.
    So enjoy and smile and HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
    Love Sue xxxx

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