A Coin in the Fish’s Mouth

Recently told an aged gentleman, who is a retired pastor, made a speech in the church, as he often does. His speech is always such that will make us relax. “Take it easy in believing God! The faster you run, the sooner and harder you will hit yourself at the wall.”

On that day he told about the episode in the Chapter 17 of Matthew’s Gospel:

Peter was asked by the collector of temple tax, whether his teacher paid it or not.
He answered that he did.
When Peter got home, his teacher Jesus told him to go catch fish, so he would find one holding a coin in its mouth.

“Indeed the collector had intended to annoy Peter and his teacher, knowing they could not afford for the tax,” told the retired pastor.
“That made Peter angry, and he boasted that his teacher did, though he did not in fact.”

“Soon he regretted his brag. He wanted to manage the tax by himself, but found no way. So he went where his teacher and colleagues resided, worried and depressed.”

“Jesus had known what happened to Peter before he came home, and He told about the fish holding a coin – it must be a joke of Him” he told. I was surprised, because I took the story as it told another miracle made by Jesus. But the ex-pastor explained it just as a joke.

“I imagine that, the other disciples laughed at the joke, which cheered Peter up. Thus I love the story very much.”

Ah, I loved his explanation too, more than my former idea of miracle. I think the ex-pastor aimed to tell us, “Ask God not for easy material aid, but for encouragement.”


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