To the Wall

I am still so busy. But I’m so happy, because all things that make me busy are just what I want to do. Work,study and devotion to the church. I’m busy because I don’t want to miss any of them.

But people who work outside for this or that organisations must be far busier with so much extra tasks other than what they really want to do!

Many of people in our church are teachers, especially of elementary schools. Recently they revealed how many staff meetings, and documents to write, weigh on them and deprive them of hours to communicate with their pupils.
“We have to drive the children out of the school due to our own schedules, that’s crazy,” said one of them. “I wonder what my work really shall be.”
“And I’m so sad I forget even everyday’s prayer. I made a plan for this year, that I should have a time for prayer in the morning and the evening every day, but I can’t possibly follow it.”

And then we reminded us of one of our people, who retired from some a company producing something ( and now working elsewhere). His office was also always in a mess. Especially there was a time that his company must get certified for ISO something, and most of their working hours were spared for preparing the documents to submit, rather than making products.

At that time, according to our pastor who knows him very well, he often stood alone towards the wall of the office, and made a prayer silently.
“I imagine him standing there, while others arguing or coming and going hasty, which saves my heart when I myself am busy in daily activities” so told us the pastor the other day.

I, who am working at home, can spare any time for a prayer, that might rather easily break the plan for it. Therefore I will also keep the scene in my mind.


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