By the rivers of Babylon

Let me write more about the people I met in the church, who talked about their stressful workplaces.
Though they are teachers as occupations, they are so busy with staff meetings and office works, that they have no time to take care of their pupils…

Then I told them, “I imagine you might feel like you’re in the Babylonian exile,”

They bursted into laughter. “Indeed!”

My imagination came from the phrase in Psalm 137:1.

By the rivers of Babylon we sat and wept
when we remembered Zion.

When one is taken apart from what he really like to do and left in an unfamiliar environment, he may feel like the above phrase.

In today’s picture I did not draw the other side of the river, which might be seen in the eyes of those who are depressed.

But this historical incident of the Babylonian exile is regarded as an essential turning point of the belief among the people of Israel. They asked to themselves so deeply what their belief should be and how they should return to God. It is even said that but for the exile, the Bible of today might not have been compiled.

I myself is in the presence so blessed that I can manage as a writer, which I love to be so much.
But how do I know, that I could carry this job on as long as I live?
Nevertheless, I will not fear, some day I might have no choice but change to less interesting job. Because it might be a chance for those who in such unwanted working status to consider about what their lives really should be.


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