Pontius Pilate

Recently I’m much interested in Pontius Pilate, who were in charge of judging Jesus accused by people.
As well known, he claimed to the people for many times, that he found nothing guilty in Jesus. But they strongly demanded the death sentence for Him.
Pilate also asked Him to know what kind of man He was, though He did not give a single word to defend Himself.
At last he accepted the people’s demand and permitted His execution.

As I was reading the Bible just as an ancient story, I was so sorry that Pilate gave up covering Jesus. But now I found it was impossible from the beginning. It was the plan of His Father, and even of Himself, that He was to die, because it was the only way to cleanse the sin of all people in the world.
It was not limited to Judas Iscariot, Pharisees, or Jews that hanged Him to the cross. It is all of us, that even now crying out for His death.

(I must explain the above all is my aspect as one who believe Jesus as my savior. Who doesn’t believe that would think differently)

I think he gave Him up because he was scared. What scared him? To lose his position as the Prefect? To lose control of people under him?
I think his fear was a very pure emotional one, against the people, who were ethnically foreign to him. Or the enormously united hate of such people against a single man, who was gently-looked and silent.
I further imagine that Pilate might have been aware of the Holiness in the Man he faced to. But he was not so faithful as to follow Him on way to the Cross.

So I drew this picture.

The way to the Cross was also the way to Heaven. In the court of Pilate, our Lord( with a stingy red crown on his head and wearing a purple garment) start to go up to His Heaven.
Pilate was trying to hold His hand. He must have wanted to be pulled up together with Him. But he could not sustain himself and soon he is to loosen his hand, falling down to the blood red ground.
On the ground there were lots of greedy mouths, crying out for the blood of the Innocent. They are not individual, but aggregates of malicious feelings held by human being.



Still I am attracted with The Gospel of John, though I should not fix myself on only a limited part in this great amount of Scripture…what caught me so fast is an energy coming from many debates with Jesus, our Lord, and people.

Jesus asks them (namely, us) strongly to accept him to get their eternal lives. Some of the people followed Him, but many others don’t understand, but oppose to Him.
This opposition, however, I regard as another way of people to ask Him. They really want a Messiah, but are not yet sure where the Man in front of them are the true one, because He showed them so new Ideas as even to seem shocking. Their heart accepts Him, but their minds fear Him.

So I drew a scene of such a debate, at first, between a single man and the Lord.

Of the two the left is Jesus. He leans forward and pull His arms for the other, as if He were to embrace him.

On the other hand, the man shrink himself a bit, due to a fear and worry. He grabs his hands and fix it on his chest, because he is struggling with his true wish to hold them toward Him, too. His back stays backward, but his face and feet are set forward. He will not simply leave Him.

Setting the two at the center, I completed the picture:

With the arguing man there are others. All stiffen their limbs. Two of them asking to each other, what they shall do.
Setting the two at the center, I completed the picture:

With the Lord, there are the followers. Behold, their shoulders are no more raised. They are relaxed, their palms are open. They obviously lean towards Whom they follow.
And I painted with them pastel colors, in contrast to strong colors for the debaters.

As is written in the Gospel, there are also many who did leave Him. They look disappointed, with which I mean, they wanted the Messiah of their own idea, which didn’t go along with the Savor of the world.

And the authorities who seeks the chance to arrest Jesus. I always paint the Lord in black, which is for me the most distinct color. According to that rule the authorities shall wear gray color, which is not black nor white. Namely, they live on their ambiguous justice.

No one of those category means any evil, I think. All of them are given their role to play from the Father in heaven. Once thing with which I’m recently convinced is “God always wants to have things to do with each of us.”

The Open Vision

At the last Sunday Meeting, our pastor talked about the vision that God showed Jeremiah. After the destruction of Jerusalem, grass would grow there and there would be a meadow again, sheep would come back and guided by a new shepherd.

“We may call it an open vision.”

As the paster remarked the word for the first time, I did not fully understand what it really was. But he continued:

“Don’t you think you are given only a closed vision? You might think your sin is so bad that you cannot face to God, or your prayer would not be heard by Him, or your way of life is at the dead end… call him from the ruin where you are left, so He will open for you the great vision”

His words then reminded me of the pigs which rushed into the sea in Decapolis. They possibly could see only a closed vision of the sea of the dark water.
If they had been given an open vision, they would have found that the sea was only a small pool and there was a lot of space to go around the water to follow their guide!

We sometimes feel as if we were at the definite consequence and there were no logical workaround. But God may possibly open us a vision beyond it, and the vision might be what we could never derived to with our humble logic.