The Open Vision

At the last Sunday Meeting, our pastor talked about the vision that God showed Jeremiah. After the destruction of Jerusalem, grass would grow there and there would be a meadow again, sheep would come back and guided by a new shepherd.

“We may call it an open vision.”

As the paster remarked the word for the first time, I did not fully understand what it really was. But he continued:

“Don’t you think you are given only a closed vision? You might think your sin is so bad that you cannot face to God, or your prayer would not be heard by Him, or your way of life is at the dead end… call him from the ruin where you are left, so He will open for you the great vision”

His words then reminded me of the pigs which rushed into the sea in Decapolis. They possibly could see only a closed vision of the sea of the dark water.
If they had been given an open vision, they would have found that the sea was only a small pool and there was a lot of space to go around the water to follow their guide!

We sometimes feel as if we were at the definite consequence and there were no logical workaround. But God may possibly open us a vision beyond it, and the vision might be what we could never derived to with our humble logic.


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