Pontius Pilate

Recently I’m much interested in Pontius Pilate, who were in charge of judging Jesus accused by people.
As well known, he claimed to the people for many times, that he found nothing guilty in Jesus. But they strongly demanded the death sentence for Him.
Pilate also asked Him to know what kind of man He was, though He did not give a single word to defend Himself.
At last he accepted the people’s demand and permitted His execution.

As I was reading the Bible just as an ancient story, I was so sorry that Pilate gave up covering Jesus. But now I found it was impossible from the beginning. It was the plan of His Father, and even of Himself, that He was to die, because it was the only way to cleanse the sin of all people in the world.
It was not limited to Judas Iscariot, Pharisees, or Jews that hanged Him to the cross. It is all of us, that even now crying out for His death.

(I must explain the above all is my aspect as one who believe Jesus as my savior. Who doesn’t believe that would think differently)

I think he gave Him up because he was scared. What scared him? To lose his position as the Prefect? To lose control of people under him?
I think his fear was a very pure emotional one, against the people, who were ethnically foreign to him. Or the enormously united hate of such people against a single man, who was gently-looked and silent.
I further imagine that Pilate might have been aware of the Holiness in the Man he faced to. But he was not so faithful as to follow Him on way to the Cross.

So I drew this picture.

The way to the Cross was also the way to Heaven. In the court of Pilate, our Lord( with a stingy red crown on his head and wearing a purple garment) start to go up to His Heaven.
Pilate was trying to hold His hand. He must have wanted to be pulled up together with Him. But he could not sustain himself and soon he is to loosen his hand, falling down to the blood red ground.
On the ground there were lots of greedy mouths, crying out for the blood of the Innocent. They are not individual, but aggregates of malicious feelings held by human being.


4 thoughts on “Pontius Pilate

  1. Nothing much has changed in thousands of years Bibuji, unfortunately there are still many malicious feelings held by human beings…

    Dropping in to see how you are doing? Hope all is well with you… Enjoy your weekend :-) Sue

    • Thank you for visiting me! Last weekend I was on a trip to my hometown, Sendai. I went to the Buddhism ceremony for my late father, who died 7 years ago. I can’t say I don’t mind to have a religious ceremony to pray other than for our Lord, but the monk whom I met was a so nice and respectable person, that I was glad to be there.

      • Good to see you Bibuji,
        And good to see you taking in other religious ceremonies… To me there is only ONE GOD it is us that give him different names…. and worship in various ways… In essence there is only one Creator..
        And I know it matters not in what building I worship him… But what that I hold Love in my heart is all that matters…

        Much love sent your way….
        Sue xox

      • Thanks, Sue. Half of days of the August has passed. It’s still hot but in the morning and evening I feel sure the heat is being decreased. Wish you a beautiful end of the Summer and then the joyful harvest season.

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