Daniel in the Lion’s den

This month we learned the Book of Daniel and the chap6, Daniel in the Lion’s den was the last episode we learned.

In this episode Daniel served to the Persian King Darius. The king set a law that anyone in his kingdom must worship other than him, but Daniel kept worshiping God he had believed.
Thus as its penalty Daniel was thrown in a hole or a cave, where lions were kept. But an Angel prevented him from being eaten by the beasts.

One in the classe told his opinion frankly: “I don’t believe the whole of this Book, because Daniel and his friends were too lucky. They were not punished by God despite they served to a king under a different god. On the other hand they were at last promoted to good positions under the King, who had captured them!”

Then our pastor told him: “Do you think they were lucky? I don’t think so…but I think their promotion would be even a heavy stress on them.”

I felt the same as the pastor. It was because of the announcement of Daniel, as he was brought with no damage out of among the lions with. Then he told: “I was found blameless before him (= God)”
This words of his give me an impression that he had felt guilty towards his God until then, that he had lived in a different cultural and religious environment.
At the time of Darius, Daniel should have been much aged. I suppose he had been a man in sorrow of a captive all the time since he was taken to Babylon, however kindly he may have been treated.
This is how I imagine he looked, not enjoying his high position at all:

But God sent an angel to guard him. What did the angel look like?
Well, angels described in the Book of Isaiah and Ezekiel are not human-figured, but more beast-like and horrific.
So I imagine the lions in the den might have been so terrified by the angel, that they forgot a prey was near to them.

Was his heart saved because he was justified by God in this way?
Unfortunately I don’t think so.
Because in chapter 7 and more, he saw visions to tell the future of the world, which would be disastrous.
I think his salvation came at last through the words of the angel, written at the very end of the Book – “But go your way till the end. And you shall rest and shall stand in your allotted place at the end of the days.”

Through the Bible class Daniel has become one of my favorite person in the Bible. It is not because he was wise or overcame many difficulties, but he had walked along the long way in the gab between belief and life.


2 thoughts on “Daniel in the Lion’s den

    • Hi, thanks for your comment! The Book of Daniel might not exactly be known here in Japan. When I first read it, I thought Daniel was too perfect and too elaborately chosen as a protagonist. But the more I learn the story in the church school the more I understood him as with his own sorrow, which finally made him one of my favorite people in the Bible, as King David…. It’s the first day of September. Enjoy your beautiful season.

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